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Motueka 2030: A stronger future together

Questionnaire results

The questionnaire booth ran most days throughout May outside the museum, and the equivalent online survey (Survey Monkey) was equally well used. The survey had 45 items inviting opinions.
See the survey results here »

Facebook Group activity

The Facebook group page "Motueka 2030" gained 550 members during May, and is still attracting new participants. About every second day during May we posed questions seeking opinions on some of our core issues. The comment streams can be read here »

Public meetings

Seven public meetings or events were organised or hosted by the Motueka 2030 team during May, the major ones being the Economic Summit, Youth Summit and Maori forum. Read event reports here »

We wanted you to help make history and shape the future of Motueka.

Through May 2015 we engaged with as many Motueka people as possible to find out what they think will make Motueka a better and stronger place over the next 15 years and beyond. The kinds of thing we wanted to know were:

  • What are the pros and cons of Motueka as it is in 2015?
  • What would a successful Motueka look like to you in 2030?
  • What would make you even more want to stay here?
  • What can we do to keep our children working and living here?
  • What would make people and businesses want to move and live here?
  • How would you like to see Motueka develop?
  • What project developments would you like to see happen?
  • What would you NOT like to see happen?

We did this through a month-long programme that will included street surveys, an online questionnaire, one-on-one interviews with individuals, an active moderated Facebook group discussing issues, a Youth Summit, an Economic Summit, a futures session, and a Maori Forum.

These pages describe what we did, what happened at each meeting or event, and the results of the surveys etc.

As of mid-June we are preparing a set of formal and informal reports on the results, that will be made available my mid-July 2015 to local government, community groups and residents.

The genesis of Motueka 2030

This initiative - to find out and act on what our community wants and needs - started out with a discussion paper that one of our team, Chris Salt, wrote and presented to the Motueka Community Board in April 2014.

Although some of the details such as funding methods are evolving, and examples cited are only suggestions, the principle of "participatory democracy" - that if the community wants something enough then they have to agree to it and do something about it themselves - is the core of this programme.

Download and read Chris's discussion paper here.

What is our goal?

Vision Motueka believe strongly that the members of our community are the people best placed to decide these things and come up with ideas for improvements. Furthermore, we know that if our community wants something enough then we have to agree to it and do something about it, either ourselves or in co-operative partnership or collaborations with local government and other funding sources.

We hope that the findings of the Motueka 2030 process will allow and encourage the Motueka Community Board and Tasman District Council to understand more clearly what average Motueka residents really want and need. And we hope it will help motivate our community to take steps toward self-help.

Why 2030? A 15-year horizon is long enough to take us toward the next generation, when today's young people are likely to be parents with school-age children; but it's short enough to be meaningful and within most people's forward vision.

The Motueka 2030 programme was organised by Vision Motueka, endorsed by the Motueka Community Board and Tasman District Council and supported by Canterbury Community Trust.

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