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Motueka 2030 Reports

The final reports of the results of the Motueka 2030 programme, titled "Community priorities for Motueka", are available here.

  *  The Full Report is a 7.2-megabyte PDF file: download it here »

  *  The Summary Report is a 6-page, 1Mb file: download it here »

PLUS::  The Project Evaluation Report, a 22-page report analysing and evaluating the results and listing the projects that Vision Motueka will tackle: download it here »

This page contains all the publish outcomes and results of the various project activities as they come to hand.

  •  The final full report, summary report and evaluation report of the results
  •  March questionnaire and interviews
  •  Facebook group "Motueka 2030"
  •  May questionnaire (paper and online)
  •  Quick questionnaire
  •  May public meetings/events
  •  Media reports

The final full and summary reports

In July all the results and community inputs were collated, analysed and amalgamated into a final report, comprising the 33-page document "Community priorities for Motueka" and a 23-page set of appendices with further detail. Three copies of this document are available in the reference section at the Motueka Library, and if you would like your own monochrome copy please contact us - the cost is $6.00 per copy to cover material expenses. (Please include contact details.)

  *  The full report is a 7.2-megabyte PDF file, and you can download it here.

  *  A 6-page "glossier" summary report was also written. As a PDF, its size is just over 1 megabyte. You can download the summary report here.

  *  The 22-page report of the analysis and evaluation of the results of the consultation, to be used by Vision Motueka as the guide for its future project work. You can download the evaluation report here.

March questionnaire and interviews

During March we conducted a questionnaire with 46 community and business leaders, selected to reflect a cross-section of opinion on various matters. Thirty-nine of them also completed an interview based on a SWOT analysis - Motueka's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The purpose was to help us shape a final public (online and street) questionnaire to run through May.

    *  The original questionnaire (PDF) »
    *  Results of the questionnaire (PDF) »
    *  Questionnaire results ranked (PDF) »

    *  Summary results of the SWOT interviews (with commentary - PDF) »
    *  Raw results of the SWOT interviews (All details - PDF) »

Facebook group "Motueka 2030"

On April 1st a Facebook group named "Motueka 2030" was created to allow widespread conversations about Motueka now and in the future. It was open to all Facebook users. By the start of May had reached 470 members, and by the end of May had reached 550. Since then, an average of two people per day joined in the first 10 days of June.

For those who are not Facebook account holders, here is a Word document showing the accumulated topics/questions and member responses. [Last updated June 10]
    *  Facebook group conversations (.docx) »

May questionnaire (paper and online versions)

During May a 45-item questionnaire was run using a paper version handed out through a variety of channels but mainly a booth outside the museum, and an online version using Survey Monkey. 540 people contributed their ratings on the 45 items, roughly the same number via both media. Here are the results, in raw form, collated and ranked.

    *  The original questionnaire (PDF) »
    *  Raw results of the paper version of the questionnaire (PDF) »
    *  Raw results of the Survey Monkey (online) questionnaire (PDF) »
    *  Questionnaire results combined, collated and analysed (PDF) »
    *  Questionnaire results scored and ranked from most to least popular (PDF) »

Quick questionnaire

During May an alternative 20-item questionnaire was run; it was sometimes called "20 Questions" and other times the "Quick Questionnaire". It fulfilled several purposes: a quick survey for those in a hurry, a set of 'starter questions' for debates on these issues on the Facebook group, and as a basis for a quirky (but popular) 'pebble voting' activity where people put pebbles in jars to indicate their preferences. Many of the questions were different to those in the main questionnaire. Here are the summed results of this activity.

    *  The quick questionnaire results (PDF) »

May public meetings/events

Seven public events were held through May. Here are reports of the activities at these events.

    *  The #LoveMotueka opening event (PDF) »
    *  The 'Sustainable Motueka' Meeting (PDF) »
    *  Celebrate our Place with Keep Motueka Beautiful (PDF) »
    *  The Maori Forum, Te Ara Whakamua (PDF) »
    *  The Economic Summit (PDF) »
    *  Celebrating our Past with the Historical Association (PDF) »
    *  The Youth Summit (PDF) »

News articles about the Motueka 2030 project

Five articles were published online in the media during the project, four on Motueka Online and one in the Nelson Mail. (The Tasman Leader and Motueka Guardian also published four major articles between them, but they are not accessible online.)

    *  Opinion piece by Alastair Paulin about the SWOT analysis »
    *  Analysis of the March SWOT findings »
    *  Analysis of the March trial questionnaire »
    *  Results and analysis of the May questionnaire »
    *  Participation report for the whole Motueka 2030 programme »
    *  David Armstrong's column in the Tasman Leader about the Motueka 2030 programme results »
    *  A column in the Motueka Guardian about evaluation of the results of Motueka 2030 »