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Current projects

All projects we carry out must first be approved by our Board of Trustees as having satisfied our criteria for project initiation. We welcome suggestions from our supporters for projects which we could tackle, as long as the people suggesting them are prepared to help initiate and maintain the projects, and the Board approves and supports them also. Furthermore, we do not provide direct funding for such projects, though we are likely to assist in making funding applications or in general fundraising.

We also have a document of guidelines explaining our process for partnering with other groups or people on new projects suggested from outside our Board - read it here »

As of November 2017 Vision Motueka is working on or has completed these projects:

Active projects (as originators or partners)

Completed or dormant projects

Motueka Volunteer Awards

This project runs an annual event in Motueka (usually in October) recognising local volunteers of all types. The event at Memorial Hall, to which representatives of all known voluntary community groups are invited, involves a few short speeches, local entertainment and a catered afternoon tea followed by an awards ceremony to celebrate the work of nominated volunteers from all groups. The main objective is to provide a focus for the community on the value of volunteering.

More information about the Motueka Volunteer Awards project »

Database of Motueka Groups and Clubs

In this project we have gathered, collated and published online (on the Vision Motueka website) the names and contact details of as many Motueka-based community groups as possible. This is updated about once a year as contact people change. The objective is to provide these details quickly and in one place for anyone seeking to contact these community and volunteering groups. Server statistics show the database is widely used.

More information about the Groups and Clubs Database project »

Motueka Community Hub & Library

There is a clear lack of a central town hub of facilities for both community and visitor use. This project aimed to advance this concept into a well researched proposal accepted by the community at large, that could be taken to the council with the aim of seeing a library-based hub accepted and included within the council's planning process. By February 2013 the idea of a hub built around a new library and Council service centre was accepted in principle. Creating the facility will be determined once agreement is reached with the Council to build a new library in Decks Reserve, to be the anchor building for the hub. Vision is partnering the Community Board and local councillors to advance the project. The Tasman District Council is conducting a feasibility study in early 2018 to get the library project going, and Vision Motueka is formally recognised as an interested party to be involved in the consultation and feasibility process.

More information about the Motueka Community Hub project »

Youth Employment and Skills Training (YEAST)

The aim is to develop a plan for some sort of skills training system or collaboration and facilities for local young people. In Phase I of the project, conducted in 2016, we identified all the skills training facilities already available to Motueka people, and all of the existing organisations which offer such training. In Phase II, through 2017 we drew together several stakeholders to set up a framework for further development, aiming to make a "business case for contracting a skilled analyst/planner to engage with potential youth leaders and organisations and form a sustainable Youth Action Group. In 2018 the plan reached fruition with the employment of one such part-time worker.

More information about the YEAST project »

Resources for Motueka Community Groups

This project put together and offers some key resources for community groups which need advice and 'how-to' guides in order to organise themselves more effectively. They include a guide to becoming a Charitable Trust and registering as a Charity; a guide to applying for funding from Council and other funding agencies; a guide for treasurers to create and manage a good accounting system; a template for a treasurer's monthly financial report; suggestions for mentoring and legal advice; where and how to apply for funding grants; and help with writing and editing an organisational documents.

More information about the Community Group Resources project »

Motueka Kai Fest

Vision Motueka was the umbrella organisation for the inaugural Kai Fest in April 2017, supporting an executive committee of about 10 people from a range of community groups. The goal was to prepare and mount a signature annual event each autumn, called "Motueka Kai Fest", to celebrate what Motueka does best - produce high-quality food based on an outstanding climate, water supply and fertile land. The first event focused mainly on a 5-hour celebration in Decks Reserve including pagaentry, games, entertainment and food and community stalls. Other food-related activities took place in the week leading up to the main celebration. The event management has now been passed on to a new trust, Kai Fest Trust, which Vision Motueka is still actively supporting through one Trustee.

More information about the Motueka Kai Fest event »

UFB and digital strategy

In mid-2015 central government announced a contestable pool of funds for the rollout of UFB to a group of towns, chosen through a submission process to justify need. Initially Vision Motueka was one of several groups working to put together a case for Motueka (through TDC), and in the second phase - developing plans for specific beneficial projects - Vision Motueka effectively became the lead community group facilitating and documenting this. The submission was made in September 2015, but since then the government has changed the objectives and rules to focus more urban centres, and the Motueka project is either nascent or dead.

Motueka Murals

This project aimed to create murals on town shop walls and alleyways, by raising funds, commissioning local artists to create designs, and getting community people of all ages and backgrounds to paint those designs. Designs were chosen according to themes chosen through a consensus of ideas, plus input by historians where appropriate, and moderated by professional artists to produce quality results of which all residents and participants will be proud. The first four murals were completed by summer 2015, but the project became dormant and then closed down by the end of 2016 because there was no input or offers from new artists.

More information about the Motueka Murals project »

Motueka Music Network

This project created a website and now maintains a Facebook page aimed at all music teachers, performers, facilities, venues and events that are available in and around Motueka, enabling people interested in enjoying or learning music, using facilities or attending events to easily find the information. This enables all teachers, performers and promoters of music to network more effectively with each other, helps make music facilities in the town used more efficiently, and promotes Motueka as a community with a strong musical culture. In June 2016 the project was spun off to a separate entity, and Vision Motueka no longer plays a part in its operation. The website is no longer operational.

More information about the Motueka Music Network project »

Community Christmas Dinner

This project team organises and hosts a midday Christmas Day meal in Memorial Hall for Motueka's struggling families, solo parents, people living alone, or anyone who would like to share their Christmas meal with other people. The inaugural dinner was held in 2013. The main organising body is a committee run by St Andrews Church with other churches also taking part, and is now being run as a separate initiative by those people. Vision Motueka was the umbrella group for preparing the first event, held in December 2013.

More information about the Community Christmas Dinner project »

Celebrating Children's Day

The project objective was to engage local groups, churches, early education and schools, families and businesses in this event - and to highlight that Motueka is a great place for children and families. Following the successful running of the event in 2013, its future organisation is being done by the Family Service Centre and Strengthening Families.

More information about the Children's Day project »

Motueka Photo Library

This project built a library of high-quality photos showing the beauty, environment, culture and people of Motueka, for free use by organisations that want to promote the town and surrounding area, either through video slideshows or on not-for-profit websites. Images from the library are still in use in some places including the town's two cinemas.

More information about the Photo Library project »

Motueka Online

Although Motueka Online was running before Vision Motueka was formed (being the creation of Vision's then-chairman David Armstrong), it was nevertheless the sort of project that our group would have initiated anyhow. The website, which became the largest and most active not-for-profit community website in New Zealand, aimed to inform and connect people in our town, and to promote community groups and better inform citizens about local issues. With the formal change of ownership, as of October 2017 Motueka Online is no longer part of Vision's project portfolio.

More information about Motueka Online »

Boomerang Bags Motueka

Vision Motueka was the umbrella organisation helping administer this initiative in 2017, through trustees Claire Hutt and Linda Glew. Boomerang Bags is a community project to make free, reusable take-and-return cloth shopping bags which are available in selected High Street shops. The team includes several local schoolteachers and environmental advocates who are keen to reduce the use of throw-away plastic bags, and the group was "spin off" to a stand-alone entity in 2018.

More information about the Boomerang Bags project »

Motueka - Whanganui Ferry

Neville Johnson and his group based in Whanganui has for several years been doing the homework and groundwork to establish a ferry service between there and Motueka, and the point has been reached for a comprehensive feasibility study to be conducted. Neville occasionally needs contct and assistance at the Motueka end of the project planning, to facilitate meetings and information gathering, and in early 2017 (through then trustee Gail Jewell) Vision Motueka agreed to perform that role. As of mid-2018 the Motueka end of this project has gone quiet while issues are sorted out at the Whanganui end.

Project criteria

In order to hold the focus on our vision, mission and policies, and to ease our decision-making, every project we initiate, support or otherwise endorse must satisfy the following criteria.

  1. It must be agreed by the Board of Trustees at a meeting or via email messages.
  2. It must be compatible with our mission and our charter documents.
  3. It must be achievable and produce outcomes within a reasonable timeframe. If a project is too large, it should be divided into separate project stages (eg planning, preparation, execution, maintenance).
  4. Its nature and objectives must be documented, distributed to all Board members, and capable of being published on this website.
  5. If the project is likely to require funding, the project proposal should include some ideas of how the funds could be raised. Note, our Board will not (initially at least) provide direct funding.
  6. Vision Motueka must be satisfied that the project will be well-planned, its progress monitored, and evaluated on completion.
  7. It should not be something that another Motueka or local community group is already doing or is preparing to do, unless it is proposed that Vision Motueka jointly partners or supports in some other practical way on the project with that group.
  8. A project proposal put forward from outside Vision Motueka must include the name of a non-Vision person who will lead the project.
  9. A project we help initiate should involve at least one of our own Board members in the executive work involved in the project. That is, we don't start or contribute to a project that we expect others to actually do entirely.
  10. We run projects with other people/groups, not for them.
  11. We can be involved in externally requested projects only if the Vision group has the resources and willing manpower to do them.
  12. We do not stop or hinder any other group from carrying out its own projects, if we ourselves cannot take part for any reason.