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Resources for Community Groups in Motueka

The strength of our community depends largely on the strength and vitality of our community groups and clubs. But in order for these groups to be really effective and to thrive, sometimes they need help in managing their affairs, keeping books and raising funds. Vision Motueka is committed to helping out wherever we can. Please get in touch if you want to find out how to start - phone David on 528 4046.

On the page we have put together some key resources for community groups which may appreciate advice and 'how-to' guides in order to organise themselves more effectively. Most documents are in PDF format. Currently they include:

  A guide to setting up a Charitable Trust.

Based on Vision Motueka's own experience in setting up as a Charitable Trust, we have written a step-be-step guide on the process, including helpful tips along the way. Even for more complex applications, this should provide a good starting point.
Download that document here »

  A guide to registering a Trust as a Charity.

A registered charity is exempt from paying tax. Again based on our own experience, we have written a step-be-step guide on the process, including helpful tips along the way.
Download that document here »

  Organisational mentoring.

Volunteer Nelson offers a confidential, free community help and mentoring service for board/committee members of community organisations. Their experienced team offer one-to-one or group professional, confidential mentoring that focuses on problems or issues that may be challenging you as you go about your work. For information, contact Volunteer Nelson at They will ask you to fill in a request form (which you can view here) and will match you to people who can help.

  How to conduct and chair meetings.

One of the most fundamental things a community group or club does is to run regular (or irregular) meetings of members. Those with official status also need to run Annual General Meetings. The success of many groups depends on how effectively and efficiently they run meetings. Here is a document (borrowed from TSB Community Trust) which should help you.

  A guide for treasurers to manage good accounting systems.

A Stoke-based registered accountant Roger Cole has written guides to help inexperienced treasurers (and even those who've done it before) to do their job effectively. One document is for groups that are not GST registered, and a second one, almost identical, is for groups that do collect GST.
Download the document for groups not GST registered here »
Download the document for groups that are GST registered here »

  Monthly financial reports.

(Information thanks to Stoke-based registered accountant Roger Cole.)  Creating a financial report for the monthly committee meeting of a small community group can be easy. We have devised a template form (in Word .docx format) which you can download and save, and then modify with your own details. Each month you simply use a computer or handwriting to fill in the gaps with the actual dates and numbers for your group. We also have a sample form filled in to help you understand the process. Contact us if you need any further explanation or help.
Download our monthly financial report template »
Download a sample form filled in by a fictitious group »

  Audit versus review.

(Information thanks to Stoke-based registered accountant Roger Cole.)  A frequently asked question (for groups with treasurers) is whether they should have an audit or a review - or indeed simply get a qualified person to prepare a compilation. Changes in audit requirements over recent years have pushed the workload - and the time cost accordingly - way above what is reasonable for most clubs and small organisations, and in the vast majority of cases a review is all that is needed. A compilation could be satisfactory and would cost even less. Chartered accountants are required to comply with all the rules of the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants when undertaking an audit, even if it is a pro bono exercise. Roger Cole says he has never yet come across a situation where a funder did not accept a review even if the requirements technically asked for an audited set of accounts.
Read more about this question here »
Read about how the NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants view this question »
Read detailed advice from NZICA to not-for-profit organisations »

  Applying for funds and grants from funding agencies.

Part of the task of accessing these funds is knowing which ones are available and when and how to apply, but an equally important task is assessing whether or not your needs match their criteria. This document gives basic details about some of the better known New Zealand sources of funds and grants, in particular those active in our region.
Download that document (.docx format) here »

  Writing and/or editing organisational documents.

If you're writing a trust deed, applying for funding, advertising or promoting a new service or event, writing a press release, or preparing any other document, we can help. For small tasks our editors can work with you in the writing, checking spelling and grammar, presentation and general editing to create a more professional job; and with larger jobs which could take several hours, we can check your work for improvements, or even help write the text but in exchange for a donation. To investigate further, contact David on 528 4046.

  Legal advice.

Nelson Bays Community Law Service provides a free one-on-one appointment with community law workers for support, information, assistance and referrals to other services. There is an office in Motueka, located in the Community House, which offers appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Phone them at 0800 246 146 or 528 7704. Community groups can also request a legal educator to travel to Motueka to provide supportive seminars and workshops.

  Advice on group governance.

Linda Glew, who has had many years in helping community groups and organisations on governance matters, has provided a set of documents aimed at helping boards of trustees and committees to set up fruitful governance structures and processes, and to ensure the differences between governance and operations are kept distinct.
Download here a document (.docx format) which summarises and provides links to all those documents.

  General advice for any community group.

The Department of Internal Affairs has an excellent website aimed at helping people and groups who want to build strong communities. It has major sections for key activities such getting started, governance and management, volunteer resource development, fundraising and applying for government grants, as well as information about successful projects. Have a good browse around

The project also aims to make these resources known through local advertising and available to all community groups, and where helpful or necessary to offer advice and assistance in using them (but only on a temporary basis).

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