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Resources and documents

This page contains links to documents that are relevant to the work of Vision Motueka:

  • Thoughts on the Future of Motueka: The document written by David Armstrong in December 2011 which initiated Vision Motueka as a group. Read the Word document here »
  • Focus Paihia: This community trust aims to revitalise Paihia through community-led development. It is developing a wonderful looking grand plan for a new town centre and harbour by the year 2025. Visit their website here »
  • Motueka's Future Economy: A document prepared by David Armstrong and distributed for the 2014 economic summit, "Toward 2030", summarising the history and present state of our economy and suggesting possible ways forward. Download the document PDF »
  • Mayors Taskforce for Jobs: Otorohanga Mayor Dale Williams took seminars in Motueka in July 2013 showing how his town eliminated youth unemployment, and offering ideas on how we could do the same. Read the full text of his speech »
  • Motueka Community Development Strategy: The discussion paper and proposal written by Chris Salt and put to the Motueka Community Board in May 2014, outlining a way for the community to develop and implements its own long-term projects. Download the document PDF »
  • Community Priorities for Motueka: The full report by Eva Lawrence of the findings from the Motueka 2030 community consultation carried out during May 2015. Download the document PDF (8Mb) »
  • Evaluation and Analysis of Motueka 2030 projects: The results of deliberation by the Vision Motueka board about the potential projects highlighted by the Motueka 2030 findings. Download the document PDF »
  • Partnership the key for community development: A column written by David Armstrong published in the Motueka Guardian 30 December 2015. Download the document PDF »
  • Tools for Creating Vibrant & Successful Communities and Local Economies: This document (it's a big 1-megabyte PDF) contains a heap of great thinking about how communities can grow and thrive through their own efforts. Read the document here »
  • Te Ahu - Kaitaia's New Community Facility Project: A website documenting an amazing looking project to plan and build Kaitaia's newly opened community hub. View the site »
  • Project Lyttelton: This group was already doing some interesting community projects when the earthquakes hit, and since then they have been the core of much grassroots regeneration work in that suburb. View the site »
  • Setting goals seen as crucial to city's future: An article in the Christchurch Press which shows how to go about Strategic development for a city's future (with implications for Motueka). View the article »
  • Motueka in 25 years time - looking through a crystal ball: An 2010 article by Motuekan Ian Miller on how he sees the future development of Motueka and the problems to be addressed. View the article »
  • Wanaka 2020: The planning process by a group in Wanaka to develop a strategic plan in 2002 for the next 20 years. View the document »
  • Whistler2020: The Canadian ski resort town of Whistler has been working successfully since 2005 on a community sustainability programme. Their town is very similar to ours in many ways. See how they do it »
  • Nelson 2060: Closer to home, Nelson has its own high-level taskforce building a strategy for a sustainable future. Details here »
  • Community Led Development workshop: Also in Nelson, in 2012 Jim Diers ran a great workshop building ideas on strengthening neighbourhood. Read the workshop summary here »
  • Place Making: International expert on community-led development, David Engwicht, in February 2013 presented a seminar hosted by Tasman District Council about Place Making - New Tools for Local Governments. Visit his website here »
  • Volunteerism: Ruth Gardner, of Volunteering Canterbury, has written a very thought-provoking opinion piece in the Christchurch Press looking at how voluntary work is changing with the times. Read the article here »
  • Te Puke Town Centre Development Plan: This Bay of Plenty town set up a community group (with their district council) to plan, design and build an impressive town centre or hub facility. The first stages were completed in 2011-12 (more to come). Read how they did it »