Working to make a vibrant, progressive, sustainable, healthy and resilient Motueka for present and future generations

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[Charities number: CC49713]

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Our Vision

Our vision of Motueka is a town which:

  • Inspires and connects with people the moment they arrive and makes them want to stay.
  • Encourages its young people to stay, or to return after study or travel, by making the town attractive and rewarding for young people to base their adult lives.
  • Takes full advantage of its outstanding location, climate, environment and fertility - a 'town within a garden'.
  • Has a thriving business sector fostered by the support of residents for local businesses and employment.
  • Expresses the beauty of nature and tells its stories through its streetscapes, public art and sculpture, walkways, gardens and trees.
  • Encourages residents to connect with and care for each other, share their skills, and take part in community activities.
  • Values elders for their experience and community dedication, and encourages and energises young people in their education and growth.
  • Has the resilience and self-sufficiency to remain a strong community in the face of global problems in economics and the environment.